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What is PyScript?

PyScript is an open source platform for Python in the browser.

PyScript brings together two of the most vibrant technical ecosystems on the planet. If the web and Python had a baby, you'd get PyScript.

PyScript works because modern browsers support WebAssembly (abbreviated to WASM) - an instruction set for a virtual machine with an open specification and near native performance. PyScript takes versions of the Python interpreter compiled to WASM, and makes them easy to use inside the browser.

At the core of PyScript is a philosophy of digital empowerment. The web is the world's most ubiquitous computing platform, mature and familiar to billions of people. Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages: it is easy to teach and learn, used in a plethora of existing domains (such as data science, games, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, finance, physics and film production - to name but a few), and the Python ecosystem contains a huge number of popular and powerful libraries to address its many uses.

PyScript brings together the ubiquity, familiarity and accessibility of the web with the power, depth and expressiveness of Python. It means PyScript isn't just for programming experts but, as we like to say, for the 99% of the rest of the planet who use computers.