This is one of the core plugins in PyScript, which is active by default. With it, you can print to stdout and stderr from your python code, and the output will be displayed on the page in <py-terminal>.


You can control how <py-terminal> behaves by setting the value of the terminal configuration in your <py-config>.




Don’t add <py-terminal> to the page


Automatically add a <py-terminal> to the page


This is the default. Automatically add a <py-terminal auto>, to the page. The terminal is initially hidden and automatically shown as soon as something writes to stdout and/or stderr


    terminal = true

    print("Hello, world!")

This example will create a new <py-terminal>, the value “Hello, world!” that was printed will show in it.

You can also add one (or more) <py-terminal> to the page manually.

    print("Hello, world!")



If you include a <py-terminal> in the page, you can skip terminal from your <py-config>.