Release Notes#



  • Restored the output attribute of <py-script> tags to route sys.stdout to a DOM element with the given ID. (#1063)

  • Added a stderr attribute of <py-script> tags to route sys.stderr to a DOM element with the given ID. (#1063)

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where pyscript would not be available when using the minified version of PyScript. (#1054)

  • Fixed missing closing tag when rendering an image with display. (#1058)

  • Fixed a bug where Python plugins methods were being executed twice. (#1064)


  • When adding a py- attribute to an element but didn’t added an id attribute, PyScript will now generate a random ID for the element instead of throwing an error which caused the splash screen to not shutdown. (#1122)

  • You can now disable the splashscreen by setting enabled = false in your py-config under the [splashscreen] configuration section. (#1138)


  • Fixed ‘Direct usage of document is deprecated’ warning in the getting started guide. (#1052)

  • Added reference documentation for the py-splashscreen plugin (#1138)

  • Adds doc for installing tests (#1156)

  • Adds docs for custom Pyscript attributes (py-*) that allow you to add event listeners to an element (#1125)

Deprecations and Removals#

  • The py-config runtimes to specify an interpreter has been deprecated. The interpreters config should be used instead. (#1082)

  • The attributes pys-onClick and pys-onKeyDown have been deprecated, but the warning was only shown in the console. An alert banner will now be shown on the page if the attributes are used. They will be removed in the next release. (#1084)

  • The pyscript elements py-button, py-inputbox, py-box and py-title have now completed their deprecation cycle and have been removed. (#1084)